about us


ACLA is an International leader in the practice of Landscape Architecture, Regional Planning, and Urban Design. ACLA established in 1978 and has 35 years experience defining the City, the Region, and the Environment of Places. ACLA has a superlative record for realising Quality Environment for Governments, Institutions and Investors. Projects have been undertaken internationally providing cutting edge professional services.


Design Philosophy and Approach

ACLA believes that the core beginning of Design, Planning and Urban Design thinking is the Environment and the Land. These offer clues about history, culture and environmental systems that drive the planning. The goal is to create memorable places loved and enjoyed by the people, plus guide planning decisions that are responsible to environmental systems.


By being sensitive to environment and culture, ACLA has set benchmarks for a redefined approach to thinking about the concepts of people, places and nature. The end result is a far friendlier and more humane built environment that is also embraces social and economic responsibility. This naturally results in economic gain as environmental systems are incorporated in planning to be self-maintaining, plus attractive and user-friendly places added value, places that are in high demand for Quality Environment.


Our International Background

ACLA Key Directors and Staff have an International outlook, many of whom are from the top design schools in the world. Experience from American, European and Asian environments are brought to our projects. This international out look brings unique solutions to the projects we carry out.