Forte Group Quality Service for Design Award

We are very pleased to announce that ACLA, a member of Hyder, has been recognized by one of our Key Clients in China, Forte Group, for our continuing contribution to the success of their projects.  Headquartered in Shanghai, with offices throughout China, Forte are one of the largest, most diversified developers in the Country.  This award recognizes our significant contribution to the design of their projects in 2012.  ACLA was the only Landscape Architecture Company receiving an award from them this year.


Forte Group Quality Service for Design Award

Key Projects in 2012


- Forte Chengdu Yuxiangshan Show Area and Phase One Residential


- Forte Wuhan East Lake International Phase lll


- Forte Wuhan Phase 5&6 Residential Development


- Forte Hangzhou Dongxi Ave. Residential Development


- Forte Chongqing “The Flower Island Residential” Sales and Marketing Centre


These projects were carried out for various Forte offices.  ACLA delivered these projects as a Region, with all of our offices (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing) contributing to their success.