Addressing transformation of public space in Vietnam by ACLA management team

Invited by the Vietnam Institute of Architecture and Planning (VIAP) for a conference “Public Open Spaces in Coastal Regions of Vietnam”, ACLA Director, Robbert van Nouhuys has given a speech about the constant state of change of the public space, and trends and opportunities for public open space in Vietnam. With his international experience on planning and designing of public open spaces, Robbert in his speech has recommended a number of design and management solutions for the public open spaces in tourism coastal cities to ensure both long-term and short-term benefits to the public. Both VIAP and the various investors and regional government officials where highly appreciative of the unique and high quality design solutions offered.


ACLA have become a strategic partner of VIAP after having worked together in a number of significant master plan projects in the North of Vietnam. Lan Anh Thai, design leader ACLA Hanoi office, stated: “Coastal regions in Vietnam are now facing the challenge of balancing between economic development and local interest and local governments tend to go for short-term benefits from resort and hotel development, resulting in local residents having very limited access to the beach, as these are being blocked by private developers”.