GMP C6 Planting Ceremony in Kwun Tong

As part of the Greening Master Plan for Hong Kong, public planting events are organized for the benefit of local communities and stakeholders. This planting event was held at Telford Gardens in Kwun Tong, Kowloon Bay on 14 May 2010. GMP works included removing large areas of concrete below elevated roads and planting them with colorful shade tolerant shrubs, climbing plants, palms and small trees. This has made a great difference to a grey and inhospitable environment. The planting works stretch for approximately 1km along both sides of a busy dual carriageway. Before and after photos are attached. The local community turned up in large numbers for the event, along with a District Councilor, ACLA site staff and the GMP Contractor. Both young and old joined in and spent approximately one hour planting a Livistona palm, shrubs and groundcovers. Everyone involved commented on the great positive difference the GMP had made to their local environment. Similar public planting events are planned for several nearby areas in the near future.