ACLA awarded first prize design competition to a low-density residential and commercial development in Chongqing

ACLA is pleased to announce that we have recently won the First Prize planning design competition for Zhongwei Real Estate’s Chongqing South Bank Tea Garden Development in Chongqing, China.

ACLA’s vision of Zhongwei Chongqing South Bank Tea Garden Development is developed from the distinctive geographical and cultural context of the site. The planning approach is based on the application of GIS site analysis. The landscape development has played a leading role in the planning scheme, providing a refreshing point of view in the integration of building and open space framework.

The Master Plan is generated from the geographical condition with minimum disturbance to the existing landform and site character. The central open space is identified by the mapping of existing valleys and water bodies, and integration of adjacent public open space. Low density villas are designed to merged and compliment with the landform, creating diverse hillside communities that maximize views and privacy with unique characters. The commercial area layout responses to levels changes to provide a multi-level retail experience with selected mixed use residential towers.