Robbert van Nouhuys spoke at Geopark, Geoconservation and Sustainable Development Seminar in Hong Kong

With over 30 years experience in planning and design of recreation, tourism and commercial/residential projects in Asia and the Middle East, Robbert van Nouhuys emphasized that the importance of geoconservation is not only for the management of geodiversity to retain its intrinsic, ecological and heritage values, but also the balancing of the entire ecosystem. Integrating sustainability into tourism projects can significantly help to reduce environmental impacts while also contributing to biodiversity conservation and geoconservation.


Robbert’s presentation also outlined economic events and future tourism trends and its impact on biodiversity and ecological habitats. He introduced the need to rethink our approach towards habitat conservation. A series of project examples from Robbert’s involvements in Morocco, Vietnam, the Carribean and the Middle East have been used to demonstrate how tourism projects have been developed in harmony with environmental considerations.