Located south of the Fuzhou Straits Olympic Centre, the Spiritual Mansion Residential Development will become a special landmark for Fuzhou. Integral with this development is an iconic sales center and landscape garden. This area of 15,000 square meters sets the tone and style for the architecture and environment of this new living environment. The landscape adopts a modern approach to design, overlaid with Asian influence that reflect an oriental culture in form and detail. The integration of different design layers of form and detail creates scale of spaces and detail that are pleasing and relaxed. The design language also borrows elements and geometry of the architecture design to fully realize a perfect match of Architecture and Landscape. The crisscrossed lines resemble a weave effect that has been integrated into the metal screens as well as the pavements leading to the building entrance. Curved lines are also introduced to contrast the rectangular layout of the woven patterns. The resulting sales environment is a remarkable new place in Fuzhou that speaks for the quality and design integrity of the entire Development, to be used and enjoyed by the residents for many years to come.

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